Janata Dal Political Party members to address them during the death anniversary of Gandhiji

Yesterday, 30th Jan, 2016, I was invited by the Janata Dal Political Party members to address them during the death anniversary of Gandhiji.

I was given the opportunity to speak about the message of Qur’an. The points that I covered during my talk were as follows:

1. Our God is One. It is He Who created all of us from one male and one female. He is the One Who created our forefathers too. Hence He deserves to be worshipped. He is the Sustainer Who has created the earth and the heavens; and He sends rains from the heavens, and has given us food and fruits to eat. Hence only He deserves to be worshipped.

2. The Muslims today have not reached you all enough with the message of the Qur’an. We read the Islamic contents in Arabic or Urdu, and most of you all understand Kannada language well. Hence I would simplify the concepts of the Qur’an through the Kannada language.

3. Allah sent all the Prophets to call mankind to worship Him. Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, Moses and all the Rishis who preached monotheism in India were guided by the God Almighty to guide mankind.

4. In today’s times of testing, we must unite and stand together against all forms of oppression and terrorism.

5. It has been almost 70 years since we got Independence from the Britishers. Pakistan was part of India before Independence. But today, we are fighting amongst each other. Why aren’t we considering each one of the members of other countries as our people. They are all created by the same God. Why can’t we live like one family. When we say “Devanobba Naama Halavu”, and “Vasudeva Kutumbakam”, what’s stopping us from accepting all the people of the world as our people!

6. Finally, we must understand that we all have to return back to Him. Even great souls will have to return to God All Mighty. No one can escape that day. Just like how we get the Mobile phone bill’s account at the end of the month, to give us the data of the calls used, God All Mighty will give us the accounts of our deeds in the hereafter, mentioning of all the deeds we’ve done on earth. We will all have to stand before the One and the Only; the Self Sufficient Master, Who doesn’t eat, drink or sleep; Who has no children or parents; the One without a comparison. So let’s start working together for a prosperous India, and prosperous Karnataka.

The JDS party Secretary Mr. Narayana Swamy was happy to have heard my talk and congratulated me and said that he never heard any Swami too speaking so much on humanity and Godliness. He even shared his number with me, and has shown interest in meeting me often.

I happened to meet other members of the JDS who want to give me platforms to share my thoughts in their gatherings. InshaaAllaah one of them is also planning to let me meet their senior leaders on a one to one discussion. This is by the grace of my Lord. 

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