MM Brigade Industrial Complex’s Owner’s Association Meeting: Working Towards a Flourishing Business Community

Today, on the 29th of March 2023, I participated in the MM Brigade Industrial Complex’s Owners’ Association Meeting held at the complex in Yediyur, K.R. Road, Bangalore. This meeting was a significant gathering of the complex’s office bearers, including Mr. Sridhar Moorthy and Mr. Mahantesh, who sensitized the members on various matters. Mr. Lokesh provided a detailed elaboration of the works happening. The meeting lasted for four hours, and members took some crucial decisions to make the complex a flourishing and wonderful place to work.
The primary objective of the meeting was to address several issues, including enhancing the cleanliness of the complex, improving security measures, and implementing controlled parking spaces to ensure that the owners found it a comfortable place to work. The members came up with several ideas, and in the future, they expect to make significant changes that will benefit the entire community.

I attended the meeting with my Dad, Mr. W.S. Basheer, and my cousin Tipu, who have been the initial buyers of the properties in the complex and have a relationship spanning more than 30 years with the association. It was an excellent opportunity for us to reconnect with the association after a long break due to Covid.

The meeting concluded with a good note, and I pray to God, hoping that the association becomes more relevant, stronger, and beneficial to all the people of Bangalore. It was indeed a great experience for all members to come together and work towards a better future for the community.

There is no power and might, except with God.

Written by
Umar Shariff

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