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The Islamic Family Institute offers a 2-year certification in Islamic Psychology and Counselling. This comprehensive course is a series of 18 courses enabling the student to understand Islamic Counselling in theory and practice based on Quran and Sunnah followed by comprehensive practical training. The teachers are highly qualified and have studied Islamic Psychology under the most notable pioneers of the field such as Dr. Aisha Utz, Dr. G. H. Rassool, Dr. Malik Badri, and Dr Hooman Keshavarzi.

The goal is to equip the students with counselling techniques based on Quran, Sunnah and modern science to address common contemporary problems such as depression and anxiety. The students will also be trained to help adults and children suffering under domestic violence, divorce, illness, disabilities, and much more. Upon completion, the student should be able to apply the acquired knowledge and help Muslims in different life situations.

During the last term, the student will be practically trained under supervision of the teachers. This practical training will also be used to guide the students to establish their own counselling services in their own communities.

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