Rajinikanth’s Belief In God And The Recent Warning

One very interesting thing about Rajinikanth is that he is a strong believer in God’s intervention on earth. Even in his movies and public programs, he has often mentioned about his belief in God Almighty. In the last press meet when he addressed about his interest to start a political party, he mentioned about his interest in pursuing “spiritual politics”. And now after he was admitted in Apollo hospital in Hyderabad due to fluctuating blood pressure, he saw that as a sign from God and termed it “warning from God”. The outcome is that he withdrew his idea of starting the political party. One may find it fickle minded. But it also appears to be a decision over being true to one’s conscience.

“Spiritual or Religious Politics” was highly discussed in the social media by various people. Although Rajinikanth didn’t explain that in great detail, the essence of it is to serve people with the intention of pleasing God. That’s a good and a noble thought. Many interpreted that he would propose the idea of exclusive politics that would favour one community over others. Albeit he clearly said that he intends to take all the people of all the communities alongside. And now that he termed his deteriorating health as “warning from God”, it only says that he is constantly believing in God’s intervention in all of these matters.

The fact is that a lot of Tamilians are still great fans of his. However most of them wish that he doesn’t enter into the politics of today that is marred with corruption and betrayal. For the most part they are right. Rajini is too innocent to handle the foxes of today. Many existing politicians try to influence him and pull him to the directions that they see it as an advantage. But Rajini is a man who wants to be in the good books of all the parties’ leaders. He has never refuted any criticism against them, nor has he ever taken the name of anyone who has made indecent remarks against him. So that says a lot about him.

In my observation, he is a man who has impacted many lives in Tamilnadu through his movies. Apart from his iconic style and illusionary stunts, there have been a lot of meaningful statements that he had made through movies. And the people of Tamilnadu have imbibed them and hold him with great respect. In my view, he is a man who should not be pulled into unwanted discussions. He is not an ally to anyone. But then many want to make him an ally. In this struggle for power, they are least bothered of what it can do to his pereonal life itself. I hope that he keeps himself away from all politicians and political discussions, so that his quest for spiritual politics develop as a theory first.

Writer: Umar Shariff

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